Read the Actual Studies!

This situation was actually a few weeks old, but you may remember the news media all abuzz about a study on lowcarb vs low GI vs low fat diets. At the time TheFatNurse was busy finishing the HDL For All Ages comic and didn’t get a chance to read the study. However, that didn’t stop TheFatNurse from encountering people saying lowcarb high fat was deadly. You can see an example of this in the comic below.

So where did they get this idea? Apparently some of the news media reported that the low carb diet had increased amount of C-reactive protein which can be (although not the ideal marker) an inflammation marker for heart disease. However, the CRP was increased relative to what? Relative to the baseline? Not at all. Their was an improvement from the baseline value! Additionally, even tho their was a higher CRP in the low carb relative to the low fat, both values were below the 1.0 mg/L range that indicates low risk for developing cardiovascular disease.

Anyways, TheFatNurse was gonna write a post about the actual study but Dr. Attia has already broken it down very nicely. So TheFatNurse made a comic instead.