Other websites challenging the existing paradigm that you may find useful

Dr. Peter Attia: If you like attention to details and medical literature explained clearly, Dr. Attia is the man

Dr. Richard Feinman: is Professor of Biochemistry at Downstate Medical Center (SUNY) in New York and is an expert on protein chemistries and enzyme mechanisms

Gary Taubes: is the author of the books Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat which challenges the existing paradigms on ideas like calorie counting and fat consumption

Dr. Stephan Guyenet: is a neurobiologist and is known for providing a counter argument to the insulin hypothesis known as the food reward hypothesis.

Dr. William Davis: is a cardiologist offering his view on carbohydrates and heart disease

Dr. Robert Su: runs a blog called Carbohydrates Can Kill. Very interactive site with frequent posts, podcasts, and forums on a different take of carbohydrates

Tom Naughton: is the filmmaker of Fathead. This eye opening documentary in response to Supersize Me is a great start for anyone looking to investigate how bad saturated fat really is

Dr. Michael R. Eades: is an advocate of decreased carbohydrate consumption and consistently blogs about the differences between reality and theory

The Diet Doctor: excellent blog covering the blogosphere on other doctors covering the same topic

Low Carbs High Fat: Getting convinced that fats aren’t as bad as you thought? This site has some good recipes for starting off on the low carb high fat lifestyle

Dr. Thomas Dayspring: Dr. Dayspring’s twitter is full of good lipid!


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