If you’re like TheFatNurse, then you think better with illustrations and comics.

For All Ages Educational Series (Read in order):

6/6/2012 Issue #1 Cholesterol For All Ages

6/18/2012 Issue #2 Cardiovascular Markers For All Ages

7/5/2012 Issue #3 HDL For All Ages 


4/27/2013 Negative Attitudes Against the Obese in the Clinical Setting

8/19/2012 Filtering Studies in the Media

7/23/2012 Read The Actual Studies!

7/20/2012 Me Gusta toilet

6/25/2012 Portion Sizes…why so cruel? Pt.2

6/3/2012 Portion Sizes…why so cruel?

5/26/2012 Double Agent

5/22/2012 World’s most powerful Doc

5/19/2012 “Do I look fat?”

5/17/2012 Headlines for HighFat

5/12/2012 Eating Bacon

5/9/2012 Low Carb around Low Fat

5/6/2012 To be TheFatNurse


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