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About TheFatNurse: TheFatNurse is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner involved in primary care with a special interest in obesity, heart disease and other metabolic diseases.

About The Blog: TheFatNurse started this blog after the conventional dietary advice taught in healthcare didn’t work for TheFatNurse. When the traditional low fat diet failed too many times, TheFatNurse started moderating carbohydrate intake by replacing it with more fats (yum!) and actually decreased weight while maintaining normal blood chemistries. This wasn’t what TheFatNurse was taught in school! This motivated TheFatNurse to look through more of the medical literature on fats along with mainstream media reporting and to share some thoughts on them.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is for educational purposes only and to challenge existing medical paradigms that we often take for granted and to examine past/present/future evidence. If any part of this blog interests you, please consult with your primarily care provider first before making any changes to your diet or other health related issues. Everything posted here is for academic purposes not clinical advice!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ha! I like your blog! Fun, cheeky and best of all.. embraces fat and challenges the out-dated (and a lot of the time: wrong) thoughts about the effects of saturated fat on cholesterol/fat/heart disease and the like. Plus very well researched. We need more people like you!

  2. Thank you for owning the low carb model. Seeing so many obese nurses and doctos used to bother me, still does, but my empathy increased with understanding thefailures of our food guidelines. I lost 65 lbs going low crab, now I am doing nutitional ketosis foe a few weeks to get rid of the last stubborn pounds. Nice blog!


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