Showing HDL The O Face

Actually it’s more like “OMG my chest hurts so bad!” instead of the above clip from Office Space, but…some people do get symptoms of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) from doing “O Face” type “activities.” What is TheFatNurse reffering to? A new study showing some associations between Apolipoprotein O levels and ACS.

Apo O is a novel lipoprotein found in mostly HDL and researchers are still trying to figure out its role in the body. In the meantime, the new study found associations of increased Apo O levels and people with ACS compared to normal subjects. This was found independent of other lipid markers. So what does this mean? It’s too soon to tell, but this study can be useful for generating further hypothesizes. Perhaps it can be a cardiac marker in the future? Apo O will certainly be something interesting to follow as the research on it continues.

Regardless, this was probably the first study TheFatNurse read that made TheFatNurse extremely hungry…I mean look at this sentence!

ApoO was measured by the sandwich dot-blot technique with recombinant apoO as a protein standard.

Yes TheFatNurse knows they are not talking about food but it makes TheFAtNurse think of:


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