Cholesterol For All Ages!

One of the problems when discussing dietary fat and health is how it usually revolves back to the old “fat increases cholesterol which clogs your arteries” hypothesis. Of course, one usually counters this by beginning the discussion on the differences between cholesterol and lipoprotein particles on heart disease.

However, this can be difficult, so TheFatNurse patched together a quick 12- page comic that will hopefully get the ball rolling for people who may have never heard of LDL particles before. A semi long read so browse when you have time! Click here or the picture below to open . Enjoy!

***If you enjoyed this, you may like Part 2 on cardiovascular markers and Part 3 on HDL in TheFatNurse All Ages series

***Updated 6/14/2012 to correct for typos, simplyfing visuals with better pictures***
***Updated 6/18/2012 for more typos, touching up pictures and adding glossary***


7 thoughts on “Cholesterol For All Ages!

    • Not necessarily, in that study people ate more beef than what is considered normal practice. As Krauss states, “To begin with, keep in mind, this was a very high beef diet. People were eating beef breakfast lunch and dinner. So this is really way outside of what we would ever consider to be a usual health practice.”

      Additionally, the difference in saturated fat was made up with dairy between the high fat beef group and the low fat beef group. They were fed lean beef in both groups to try and evaluate the saturated fat better.

      It’s hard to provide additional details in a comic strip and the main point of that panel discussing saturated fats and eating lots of steak is to show that new findings are still being discovered everyday in the field.

      If you’re still interested, you can read more from that interview with Krauss about the study in:

      Or you may want to evaluate the beef study yourself which is titled: “Changes in Atherogenic Dyslipidemia Induced by Carbohydrate Restriction in Men Are Dependent on Dietary Protein Source”

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