Selling Soda = $15,000 Fine but Snickers and Milkyway Bars are Nutritious

The news article is here. The confusion comes from a bureaucratic mess where they try to regulate when sodas can be sold in an effort to try and promote healthy habits. Sodas are banned during lunch but can be bought before or after to be consumed at any time. Some interesting quotes:

“While sodas are out, Gatorade is allowed.”

Whoa…the last time TheFatNurse drank gatorade it only came in red, yellow, and orange. While looking for specific grams of sugar for gatorade TheFatNurse did not even recognize any of the gatorade products out there! Suffice to say, the sugar in most gatorades is pretty horrendous.

“You can sell Snickers and Milkyway bars because they have nuts and they’re nutritious. You can’t sell licorice, but you can sell ice-cream,” Burton said”

Representation of TheFatNurse’s reaction to that statement

Now, TheFatNurse believes regulation of what people consume isn’t vey effective and it’s much better to educate and encourage people to choose for themselves a healthy life. So TheFatNurse’s WTF reaction isn’t to the bureaucratic mess they’ve created. Instead, how can one classify a Snickers or Milkyway bar nutritious!? Although, if TheFatNurse had to choose between a gatorade, milky way, or a snickers, the snickers wins out all the time. Not because of it’s counter intuitive GI index of 40 (its still sugar loaded candy!), but because its so damn tasty.


Update: Oh look Snickers really is a “healthy” snack (Thanks Kevin!): 


One thought on “Selling Soda = $15,000 Fine but Snickers and Milkyway Bars are Nutritious

  1. wow- i am speechless. i can’t remember if our high school had vending machines but rules like that are not going to stop people from drinking it. wish the govn’t would stop trying to control people!


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