The World’s Most Powerful Doctor

TheFatNurse loves looking through the literature when exploring dietary issues to build a case for fats. However, even when providing numerous studies and quoting important researchers like Dr. Dayspring or popular healthcare bloggers like Dr. Eenfeldt…there are some doctors who are just too powerful to beat…how does one get through!?

The quote on cutting out fat to save lives from Dr. Oz @5:03 from:


4 thoughts on “The World’s Most Powerful Doctor

  1. If it’s any consolation, Dr. Oz appeared on the view yesterday in an entire show devoted to “The Weight of the Nation”. He brought out hearts and livers of fat and thin women to compare them. One heart was bloated and calcified. He pointed out that was caused by excess sugar and refined carbohydrates in the diet, not fat. At least he seems to get it sometimes.

    OTOH, he told people that they should not eat liver because it removes the toxins from the body. Sigh . . .

    • Thanks for that update Jan! It really is amazing how much influence one doctor can have on the nation. If Dr. Oz ever jumps on the LCHF train…I just pray there will still be enough bacon left in the supermarkets!

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