TheFatNurse Recalls Tasting Bacon After Years of Avoidance…

One of the most memorable moments of trying low carb and higher fat (LCHF) for TheFatNurse was the first bite of Bacon in YEARS. After all, Bacon is constantly vilified as one of those evil foods decades ago. Even after looking into the history of saturated fats and cholesterol, TheFatNurse was still a little suspect of eating bacon again…but then it changed…in one day. While TheFatNurse recommends consulting with your primary care provider before making dietary changes, anyone else who made the jump to LCHF from a low fat diet may have had a similar experience:


One thought on “TheFatNurse Recalls Tasting Bacon After Years of Avoidance…

  1. So funny! Great post!
    And, I too had a similar experience when I first went back to eating bacon and eggs (with yokes!!!) for breakfast after years of having only egg whites or jam and toast or buttered bagel or only a muffin for breakfast.
    Now, being in nutritional ketosis, I eat bacon not only for breakfast but also as a snack with my afternoon coffee. And my heart has not exploded yet! šŸ™‚
    Continue with your cartoon post, please!


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