What it feels like to be TheFatNurse

Sometimes its hard to describe how TheFatNurse feels to be going against conventional wisdom on fat and cholesterol, especially in the healthcare profession. Perhaps this describes it best:


3 thoughts on “What it feels like to be TheFatNurse

  1. Great post – loved it!

    BTW, you will not be “alone” for much longer, I’m sure. Once the money in health care runs out, people will be more open to hearing out alternative views on what a healthy diet might look like.

  2. I know how you feel. I was buying wild salmon today at the store. The woman in front of me was buying farm raised salmon and asking for the salmon that had no ‘white streaks of fat in it’. Always willing to put my foot in it, I said “I thought the fat was the best part.” The woman glared at me and the fish man said, “well it isn’t meat fat, but it is probably better to do without.” OMG I took my wild salmon home, cooked it in the oven and it could have used more fat!!!!


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