TheFatNurse is Against Sugar…But Please Use Common Sense

If you haven’t heard, this past week Nutella lost a class-action lawsuit for falsely marketing their product as a health item with commercials such as:

Alright alright, to be honest, Nutella does make it seem like it can be served as part of a healthy wholesome breakfast…BUT C’MON JUST READ THE DAMN NUTRITION LABEL! When TheFatNurse eats Nutella, TheFatNurse realizes this magical substance is sweeter than a snickers bar…you don’t even really need to read the nutrition label! Additionally, why not start suing other misleading health products like JambaJuice? What that orange dream machine smoothie has 100 grams of sugar!? But they told me it was healthy! Even tho TheFatNurse is against the excess consumption of sugar, lawsuits are not the answer when you could simply turn the jar around and check.

However, the more significant thing I find is this: if you watch the ad, it also advertises that whole wheat toast and waffles are part of a healthy breakfast. If you believe in the carbohydrate hypothesis, then you would recognize this is far from a healthy breakfast. If the carbohydrate hypothesis ever gets mainstream acceptance, will people start suing en masse against grain companies for their past advertisements? Even more extreme, would people who’ve developed diabetes and heart complications start suing medical organizations and the government for pushing low fat high carb diets in the past as healthy when the evidence is so conflicting?

Who knows…but I’m pretty sure they’ll probably have the same reaction TheFatNurse did when learning that the low-fat diet, which TheFatNurse followed by rejecting all that delicious fatty meat all these years, isn’t really that clear on being effective:


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