Eat your Bacon

If someone were to ask, “what is healthier bacon or a bowl of cheerios?” What would you say? Well in theory…Bacon. I know I know, MIND = BLOWN. About half the fat is monounsaturated, the kind found in olive oil, which is suppose to help with HDL and LDL. Additionally, a third of the saturated fat is stearic acid which can potentially increase HDL cholesterol. Compared with eating a bowl of cereal or bread for breakfast, does this mean Bacon is actually better at reducing the risk of…heart disease!? If you prescribe to the carbohydrate hypothesis (where it is carbs and not fat or cholesterol that cause heart disease and other chronic illnesses) it just might.

I’ll never doubt you again


2 thoughts on “Eat your Bacon

    • That is a good point and when you look at the paleo crowd and some of the low carbers they will recommend buying nitrite free bacon. However, organizations such as the Weston A. Price foundation and others have debated whether the nitrites in our meats are as bad as they are made out to be.

      So what to do? There is bacon available for purchase that is nitrate-free so one could just play it safe by purchasing those. However, there are low carb eaters who do not care much for nitrite free bacon as well. In the end, its more about opening up people to the idea that the fat in bacon isn’t as unhealthy as portrayed. How harmful or not nitrates are is still pretty controversial and it’ll just be up to an individual to evaluate how convincing or not the most current evidence on the matter is.


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