“Artery Clogging-Saturated Fatty foods” like Chocolate are associated with…thinness?

Dr. Beatrice from the previous post and her team have found an association between lower BMI and increased chocolate consumption.

The results actually shouldn’t be that surprising since a lot of studies on chocolate have been coming out showing associations with decreased heart disease, better lipid profiles and decreased blood pressure.

Anyways lets take a look at the actual study itself. http://archinte.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/extract/172/6/519

Looks like they found 1018 men and women between 20-85 from San Diego without any cardiac or diabetes. However, to get their results they used food frequency questionnaires. Hmm….how reliable are these? However, food questionnaires are constantly used to support studies showing the usual low-fat advice so its fair game in that regard. Their results showed a 99% chance greater chocolate consumption frequency was linked to lower BMI. In addition, Chocolate consumption was also 99.9%  likely linked to greater calorie and saturated fat intake as well (duh!). By the way, being linked or associated with something doesn’t imply causation! These results are intriguing since we would probably assume the higher amount of calories and saturated fat intake would mean higher BMI.

So what happens when a study raises the ideas of a food people love and crave being associated with a lower BMI? OMG CHOCOLATE MAKES YOU THIN! LEMME AT IT! OUT OF THE WAY! BUY STOCK IN HERSHEY NOW! 

Relax, the people in the study ate chocolate on average 2 times a week (SD=2.5) and exercised 3.6 times a week (SD=3.0) don’t over do it! Again, the more intriguing aspect is the higher amount of calories and saturated fat ingested while being associated with lower BMI which runs contrary to what we would think based on traditional low fat advice.


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