Things that resemble Cocaine = Bad!

Dr. Lustig, the pediatric endocrinologist featured heavily from the last post, was featured on 60 minutes earlier this month talking about sugars and their effect on health. We all know that excess sugar is bad, but Dr. Lustig’s research in this 60 minutes segment shows excess sugar creating lifelong problems such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and even…cancer!

The most interesting part starts at 6:20 in the video. Dr. Gupta narrates:

“…so imagine, for these healthy young people drinking a sweetened drink might be just as bad for their hearts as the fatty cheeseburger we’ve all been warned about since the 1970s.”

What happened in the 1970s? That’s when the government recommended fat consumption to decrease and be replaced by higher carbohydrate consumption according to Dr. Gupta and 60 minutes.

What Dr. Gupta is referring to is the McGovern report. Here is a quick synopsis of it taken from the documentary Fathead.

Dr. Lustig remarks that Americans listened and replaced it with carbohydrates instead:

“…and we did. And guess what? Heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and death are skyrocketing.”

Could the shift to a low fat diet in hopes to prevent these pathologies form occurring could be the culprit in the first place? Maybe. Maybe not. What is clear tho, the assumption of increased fat consumption being unhealthy needs to constantly be challenged.


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